Are Kris and Bruce Jenner Getting A Divorce?

Could the first family of reality television be headed for divorce?

Fat chance, according to Kardashian mogul-mom Kris Jenner, who just laughs off the rumors split from her Olympic gold medalist husband.

“I said, ‘Honey, I think we’re getting a divorce,'” she joked to E! News. After the National Enquirer spewed that the pair would be headed for splitsville on Wednesday (Nov. 14), she called her husband of 21 years who was more concerned with other matter. “He said, ‘Honey don’t bug me with this. I’m at the hobby store buying helicopter parts.'”

As the head of the entertainment business’ biggest family franchise, Kris says she pays the tabloids, who have been dishing the same stories for several years, no mind. “We love each other and just laugh about it,” she says. “We’re absolutely not filing for divorce. Everything is great. We feel very blessed as a family.

She adds, “If we had to chase down and comment on every rumor we’d be working overtime.”