Vixen Chat: Jewelry Designer Erika Peña Talks ‘Obama’ Earrings, Beyoncé and Voting

Beyonce Obama earringsVIBE VIXEN: What was the inspiration for the Obama earrings?
Erika Peña:
I wanted to make something that was a statement. I like the earrings because you can change the “BAMA” part; you can take it out and put other words. I feel like the Obama Administration represents change, so it was perfect.

Do you have your own pair?
I did, but one of my customers called and was crying. I really wanted her to have one.

What did you think about Beyoncé rocking them?
I love me some Beyoncé! Not just because she’s a superstar, but she just radiates love, power and femininity. If there was anyone that could wear it and be a voice to get these out there, it would be her. She’s empowerment ,and of course she’s stylish. I worked with her on the B’Day album with her stylist Ty Hunter, so I sent them over to him, and she loved them!

How have things changed for you since B was spotted wearing them?
I have a lot more fans. It makes me feel really good! Lots more acknowledgment from people and other celebrities, it has put my name out thereIt’s cool when people write you and they are inspired by you or they are wearing something that makes them feel happy. I feel like I’ve done my job, you know? That’s what fashion is about. I feel like I’m actually doing what I was put on earth to do, and there’s no better reward than that.

How does it feel to know that your earrings assisted in helping with the Obama campaign?
I feel like honored that I am part of this. It’s part of history. People from all over the world have placed orders–Dublin, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Denmark. Whether he wins or not, they still want it. That shows how many supporters Obama truly has!

Have you already voted or will you be voting today?