Vixen Chat: Jewelry Designer Erika Peña Talks ‘Obama’ Earrings, Beyoncé and Voting

Respect My VoteVIBE VIXEN: Have you already voted or will you be voting today?
Erika Peña: I have voted already in Miami. I’m actually flying out to Spain to see my husband today so that when Obama wins, I can celebrate with my family! Gotta put it out there!

On your site the earrings are no longer available, will they be re-released after election night?
Yes! I have put in a reorder for more because so many people still wanna buy them, just as memorabilia. On Wednesday (Nov. 7), I will put them up for pre-order. Once he wins, I wanted to make different sayings like, “OBAMA 2012,” so if they wanted to change the “BAMA” part, they can. I want to make different plates and stuff like that, but i’m waiting for him to win first so I can make them [laughs].

What’s next?
I did an amazing bow tie collection for men and women which launched last year. It came out in Belgium Vogue, Vogue UK and worldwide, so I will be relaunching that line and sending a couple to Beyoncé and Ty.