Jordan Davis: Another Florida Teen Killed

Almost a year ago, the shocking story of Trayvon Martin’s death rocked not only the African American community, but also the world. Now, another black teen-aged boy is the victim of a seemingly pointless shooting in Florida for playing his music “too loud.”

Jordan Davis was at a gas station with friends, when Michael Dunn and his girlfriend pulled up. The girlfriend went into the store while Dunn told the boys to turn down their music. Words were exchanged and the scene ended with Davis fighting for his life in a car riddled that had been riddled by bullets.

Allegedly, the teens pointed a gun at Dunn; however, no firearm was found in their vehicle when searched by police. Dunn pleads innocent in the case, and his lawyers are preparing to use the Stand Your Ground law as the reason for the shooting—the same law was used in the Trayvon Martin case.

The case is still developing, but do you think the Stand Your Ground law is going to be a new way get away with hate crimes? –Jazmine Henley-Brown