Justin Bieber Turns a “New Chapter” With Oprah

“Oprah’s Next Chapter” segments have opened up the lives of celebrities such as Rihanna and Usher. Now she has set her interviewing skills on mega pop star Justin Bieber. “There’s never been a star like you,” said Winfrey to the Ontario native in a clip for their upcoming interview set to premiere November 25 at 9 p.m. Winfrey stated that Bieber’s stardom shot to the top thanks social media and his 30,000,000 Twitter followers, setting him apart from his pop predecessors.

Dating back to her 1993 groundbreaking interview with Michael Jackson, Oprah attests that there has never been another in-depth interview reminiscent of it. “Justin Bieber is a phenomenon for our time,” said Winfrey, referring to the amount of fans he garners, similar to those of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and the King of Pop.

The interview will address questions such as how does the Biebs find his identity given the eyes of the world are on him, interacting with the #Beliebers and his hair transformation.

Check out the clip below!