Kanye West Deposed In Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

Kanye West is being deposed in the divorce proceedings of girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who is still looking to excise herself from her quickie marriage to Brooklyn Nets’ player Kris Humphries. Huff Post says Kim K wants to end her marriage to the NBA baller, but is being “handcuffed” because their divorce case is not ready for trial.

Both mom Kris Jenner and Kanye West are being deposed in the case, since Humphries is looking for an annulment of the marriage based on fraud. He hasn’t given specific evidence as to how, but he is apparently gathering information from the Bravo network, which airs the myriad Kardashian reality shows and which followed the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials with cameras aplenty.

Kim filed for divorce more than a year ago, and is looking for a quick resolution. She’ll have to wait at least a few more months, since a judge ordered both sets of lawyers back to court in February to discuss either an annulment or dissolution of the marriage.

No word yet as to what Kanye would have to say in a deposition, but hopefully the tape will leak – à la Lil’ Wayne.