Vixen Chat: Karrine Steffans Clears Up ‘Basketball Wives’ Rumors, Talks Two Marriages and Lil’ Wayne

Karrine SteffansVV: Since Confessions of a Video Vixen, you’ve almost completely separated yourself from the hip-hop world. Tell me about how you’re moving forward?
KS: When people readConfessions, they felt that it was happening right now. Those stories were old. It was something that I was involved in for a year or two then got out of because it was not conducive to my lifestyle. I didn’t grow up in hip-hop. I didn’t grow up listening to it. I didn’t grow up in an urban society. I don’t get the struggle. Right now, I got four books lined up: two more autobiographical pieces and two self-help pieces regarding sex, love and relationships. Even though I haven’t missed a beat and books are coming out every two years as usual, I switched over to writing for TV.

The books and the TV, they’ll go hand in hand.
Exactly. We’ve been actually talking to Queen Latifah and Shakim [Compere] about them producing the one-hour scripted version of Confessions for cable with me. This is the space I’m in, so when you talk to me about Basketball Wives, I’m like, I’m executive producing my own shows based on two of my books.

Do you feel like your audience is stuck on Confessions and that salacious subject matter?
Yes. They won’t get beyond it. I think people are stuck in general, even in their own lives. They don’t leave their neighborhoods, they’ll never leave their city, they will never see and do the things they are capable of doing and seeing. They will never grow. When you go beyond them so that you’re a star and they can’t touch you, that bothers people to their core. Confessions was fucking shocking not for any culture but this particular culture. Kirstie Alley came out with a book telling everybody she slept with down to John Travolta and no one in that culture cares in the way that urban culture did [with Confessions].

Are those some of the things that you’re going to tap into when you write your autobiography?
Yes. Confessions will have its 10-year anniversary in 2015. There are things that people have read about that I haven’t spoken about in the last 5 or 6 years. People don’t even understand how complex and crazy things got for me.

Seven years beyond that book, where are you mentally? Who are you today?