Kate Upton and Usher to Appear in Mercedes Super Bowl Commerical

Kate Upton’s clout is about to get even bigger!

The NY Post reports that the model had teamed up for Usher to star in a new Super Bowl commercial for Mercedes-Benz. While the model hasn’t officially released a statement regarding her new spot, she did tweet a clue: “I’m so happy my mom is on set with me!”

The big question is… will she get up-close-and-personal with Ursh?

NY Post reports:

Model-of-the-moment Kate Upton is starring in a Super Bowl commercial for Mercedes-Benz. The curvaceous blonde, who incidentally doesn’t have a driver’s license, appears in the 60-second ad that is said to be “a tongue-in-cheek depiction of how far a person might — or might not — go to get their heart’s desire.” Sources say Upton will not be driving in the spot in which she plays herself, an “object of desire.” The ad, which was filmed over the weekend, will also star Usher, we’re told.

Will it be the best commercial of the big game?