L’Oreal to Purchase Urban Decay

In an effort to reach a younger audience, L’Oreal has announced they will acquire cosmetics company Urban Decay. Known for their playful colors and risqué approach, Urban Decay is a makeup staple in beauty bags everywhere. The acquisition will reportedly cost L’Oreal a cool $250 to $300 million which isn’t a problem for Urban Decay as the company has proven to be successful over its 15-year history. But some Urban Decay fans are concerned if the brand will remain cruelty-free under their new management.

Earlier this year, PETA congratulated the trend-setting cosmetics brand for removing business out of China where testing on animals is mandatory. While the L’Oreal Group still uses animal testing, The Body Shop and Giorgio Armani have made great strides to remain free from animal testing. Before Urban Decay becomes a part of the L’Oreal conglomerate, here is a toast to some of our favorite L’Oreal and Urban Decay products. -Jasmine Aspinall

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