Love Is a 10 Letter Word? Jay-Z Added Extra E’s to Rihanna/Future Collab ‘Loveeeeeeee Song’

Looks like Future and Rihanna got more than they bargained for in their trippy collab ‘Loveeeeeeeee Song.’ In an interview with, rapper/singer Future says that the song wasn’t what either of them expected it to be.

“They wanted a more uptempo record, so I sent four or five records, and I left the last record. It was more like a ballad, and I left it,” he said. “It was a record that I didn’t spend that much time on either. Less thought, so it was more natural.”

Jay- Z loved the the track so much that he put his own spin on it too; changing the title and adding some extra E’s. “It was ‘Love and Affection’ [originally]. Jay-Z heard it and felt like he wanted to be a part of it and named it with the seven E’s at the end,” Future said. “It was amazing.” Read more at