Mexican Beauty Queen Killed In Shootout

A Mexican beauty queen lost her life in the crossfire between suspected criminals and troops in Sinaloa, known for its drug-fueled violence, according to officials.

20-year-old Maria Susana Flores Gamez was crowned the 2012 Woman of Sinaloa in February. Two others were also killed during the shootout , CNN reports.

“All we know is that it happened during a confrontation that the army had with criminals, and that she was with the group of criminals,” Sinaloa State Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera told reporters, as read in a transcript from his office. He said that a rifle was found near Maria’s body and that it was unclear whether she had fired it or who had shot her.

While a student of communications, Maria beat out a dozen other young women for the Sinaloan title. “We are dismayed by the news — a beautiful young person, happy, and with a big future ahead of her, ” the pageant organizers said. “Rest in peace Susy.”