Mitt Romney Blames Election Loss On Minorities

Clearly, it’s going to take a while for Mitt Romney to get over his loss in last week’s election. The former governor tried to explain the reason for his loss while on a phone call with donors Wednesday, and he placed the blame squarely on one group: young minorities.

Romney said it was “gifts” that President Obama promised to minorities, young people, and voters making less than $30,000 per year pushed him over the top.

“The president’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said, “so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.”

This certainly seems like a ploy for Romney to shift the blame from his campaign to the voters, and maybe a way to get those donors who gave hundreds of millions of dollars off his back. Hey, he could always just sell one of his vacation homes or his dressage horse to start paying back the debt!