Fresh off the A$AP tour and back in Gotham City, Nast is happy to be back around the way in the hood that gave him his sense of style, his career path and of course his adopted family. Known for his trademark chipped tooth and unique delivery, the kid is plotting on his next moves while reflecting on this past year’s experiences. He’s seen his cousin Rocky who he hung out with as a child grab Rihanna’s ass on stage and he’s been on the road for 61 days performing 47 shows with his cohorts. Eventful year wouldn’t you say?

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Still, there’s a lot more money to make and cars to park so he’s not straying to far from the studio now that he’s back home. Read on to see how’s handling his new found success, how he feels about the rest of A$AP and how much they all love The Mighty Ducks.

VIBE: Just hopped off tour, Nast. What are some cities that you hit that were especially live?
Nast: The Bay and just Cali period. We have a lot love so the shows are turned up. Most cities have been sold out so the crowds have been crazy. Some were aight but could’ve been better.

Must feel good to be off that bus, extending your limbs?
Yeah I love being back in NYC. I’m just walking downtown, stopped to eat by Supreme. Feels good to be back in my city. Especially after Sandy.

Word. Speak on Sandy for a minute. Is your family ok?
My family is uptown in Harlem so everyone was ok. Honestly, I didn’t really know how serious it was until I started going on twitter and saw the pictures. For the most part my homies and family are all good.

So not that you’ve been on a fairly extensive tour and The Mob has a tape out, do you feel like an official rapper?
I’ve always been an official rapper, always. It does feel good having a project of our own that we can tour off of and make some money for ourselves. That’s a great feeling.

How does it feel to have a couple dollars in your pocket?
The money always been in my pocket but any kid in our shoes, in the slums of Harlem or NYC knows what we come from knows that there’s no feeling like when you’re doing you and being supported by so many people. I’m proud of my brothers as a collective that we can put ourselves in this position.

So have you been recording again to keep momentum going? I heard you had a studio on the bus?
Honestly we weren’t able to record as much as we wanted on the bus. We had a lot of shows to do. But now that we’re back after these couple months of touring we gonna give the people what they want.

Good. So how would describe your style?
I think I’m more chill, more laid back but I got my wild out versus too where I just bug the fuck out. It’s a bit of a mystery. Sometimes I write before I get to the studio, sometimes I don’t even write at all and sometimes I hear the beat and sit down and write right there.

You and the rest of The Mob act like real brothers. Why is that?
Man, we argue, we joke, we fight… that’s family and real family requires that you go through all that, that’s how you know you really love each other. We would all die for each other. Plus, me and Rocky are cousins so it really is blood.

Do you want to do solo stuff as well?
Yeah for sure. I definitely want to get some solo stuff out there.

I saw Scott tweet some shit about The Mighty Ducks box set. Was that on heavy rotation on the tour bus?
[Laughs] Ah man, actually we didn’t get The Mighty Ducks until just before the tour ended. A fan of ours gave it to us.

Do you guys argue about who gets to be Coach Bombay?
[Laughs] Everybody wants to be Coach Bombay!

You said earlier in the interview that always have been a real rapper. Was there ever something you wanted to do aside from rapping?
Fashion was the only other thing. I love fashion more than I love rapping. I wanted to get into all aspects of fashion. I want to design and do modeling even, just to get a feel for it. Everything about fashion has always interested me.

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