Multimedia Journalist ‘Boss Lady’ Talks Designing Her Own Sneaker With Reebok Classics


Media personality Simone Amelia—better known to the industry as “The Boss Lady”—is making moves and claiming a lane for herself that’ll be an inspiration for future women on the come up.

As the Lifestyle Manager for online retailer, it’s only right she was chosen as one of only five women to spearhead her own limited edition sneaker in Reebok Classics’ international “Classic Beat” campaign.

VIBE sat down with the media maven to discuss kicks, inspiration behind her sneaker, and if we’ll see a mens version in the future.

VIBE: Why was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin such a big influence on the sneaker design?
Boss Lady: For my inspiration, I wanted to use an iconic character that was able to represent me in various ways. Who better than my fellow strong-willed, fiery and passionate Middle Eastern sister Princess Jasmine?

How much creative control did you have in the design of the shoe?
I headed to Reebok’s headquarters in Canton, MA and sat with their design department for roughly two hours to come up with the final creative. I had a fluid concept in mind and their incredible team truly brought it life—shoutout to my girls Elo and Chen!

Break down some of the detail in your sneaker.
I chose the main color [beige/tan] to reflect both the skin tone of the majority of Middle Eastern people and also the desert sands of the region. I incorporated the turquoise blue of Princess Jasmine’s main outfit, plus the matching jewel in her crown. I added lots of gold accents and also tiger laces and in-sole (Jasmine had one as a pet). It also says ‘Boss Lady’ on the heel, of course!

How far do you plan on taking this relationship with Reebok in the future? A Jafar pair for 2013? [Laughs]
I’ve had countless requests for new colorways of the sneaker. I’m thinking of a ‘boss man’ pair, which I’d say would more likely be inspired by Aladdin and not Jafar [Laughs], and even some kids sizes. Let’s see if the success of this shoe helps keep the momentum going for new opportunities with the brand.

Why did you feel it was necessary to make a sneaker exclusively for women as opposed to a general release?
There are so few cool releases for women nowadays when it comes to sneakers. My shoe is part of an incredible program called ‘Classic Beat’ where five women from around the world were given the opportunity to create kicks for a female audience. All five designs are so different and fun; they range from real clean to super elaborate. I encourage everyone to check out all the releases because not only are they vastly unique, they all represent incredible young women striving to make a difference.

What’s your personal opinion on the “female sneakerhead”? What drew you into the culture of sneakers?
I was a tomboy growing up, and still am in many ways, so my sneaker collection was always impressive. I had a range of brands in my closet, with Air Max 90s being my all-time favorites. An understated street but sweet look is always best to me; there’s nothing flyer in my opinion.

You can cop Boss Lady’s exclusive Reebok Classics shoe now by clicking [HERE].

Check out the video below to get a look at the launch party for Boss Lady’s new Reebok collaboration:

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