Nas Talks About Touring With Lauryn Hill

In a recent interview with Fuse, Nas explained that his ongoing national tour with Lauryn Hill “just felt like the right time and the right two people to do it.”

The Life is Good/ Black Rage tour began Oct. 29 in Dallas, TX. “I just felt that to be on a tour with someone as talented as Ms. Lauryn Hill…what’s better than that?,” said the “Cherry Wine” rapper. The tour will end on New Years Eve at Radio City Music Hall.

“It’s a landmark in New York and it’s a place I grew up as a kid going to,” Nas explained. “It’s just special for me to be a New Yorker and you could be anywhere and I could be anywhere in the world, but New Year’s in New York is what I grew up doing when it wasn’t even an option to go to an island or vacation.”

Check out the interview below to hear what the Don also has to say about Hill’s new music and more