NBA Star Andrew Bynum Sues Neighbors

NBA star Andrew Bynum is suing his neighbors in Los Angeles, and they in turn are countersuing – not great news for a guy currently riding the bench. Bynum, who was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers from the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, filed a lawsuit against his neighbors in suburban LA, claiming they “object” to his“profession, his race, his friends, his cars, and his taste in music.” Bynum claims he was “harassed” by his neighbors in the tony Westchester neighborhood in LA, and filed suit on June 1.

Bynum’s neighbors, the Beckett family, countersued in July, saying the following in their suit:

“Andrew Bynum is a great basketball player and a terrible neighbor who presumes that being an NBA All Star entitles him to party like a rock star in the otherwise quiet Westchester neighborhood where he lives.”

“Bynum has demonstrated open contempt for the Becketts specifically and for the neighborhood generally by blasting loud, profane, and disrespectful music and video games at window-shaking volumes; by letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood; by apparently engaging in illegal drug use and permitting marijuana smoke to drift into the Becketts’ backyard; by constructing a fence on his property which is not in compliance with the community codes and regulations; by conspicuously brandishing firearms in an attempt to threaten and intimidate the Becketts in retaliation for their legitimate complaints; and, perhaps most seriously, by recklessly racing his luxury cars through the neighborhood at dangerous speeds where children or others could be injured or killed.”

Bynum is injured at the moment, working his way back from a knee procedure over the summer, and has yet to make his 76ers debut. Here’s to hoping the NBA star isn’t sued by his neighbors in Philly.