New Mixtape: Action Bronson & Alchemist “Rare Chandeliers”

It’s rare (no pun intended) to get different flows to go with dark, soulful beats that speak to the heart of NYC rap fiends, but the duo of Action Bronson and Alchemist have done just that. But what’s crazy is long-time legendary producer, Alchemist, damn near makes you forget that Action Bronson sounds so similar to Ghostface Killah, with the way he bends those Motown era soundtracks against A.B.’s high-level, cinematic verbal visuals. This project solidifies Action Bronson’s skill status as one of the elite in NY, he’s here to stay folks. Bugged out trains of thought, jagged introspective themes and a mix of despair and determination stand his rhymes up-right. Indulge in the decadence of dopeness and download Rare Chandeliers.