New Music: Art Department “Robot Heart”

Toronto-based record label No. 19 brings listeners and fans their next fusion of art and music through the new single “Robot Heart,” a title that derives from the infamous desert parties serving as the prequel to one of the world’s most enigmatic events.

It all started when Art Department´s Jonny White received the call from Robot Heart’s Gio (George G. Mueller) and Jason Swamy to write the first ever song for the event. It was not something Jonny took lightly. In his own words, “Robot Heart events at Burning Man are quite simply put, the best parties on the planet.”

Jonny enlisted his band partner Kenny Glasgow and sometimes DJ partner Shaun Reeves who were with him last year at Burning Man and who all experienced the Playa and Robot Heart parties for the very first time together to collaborate on the record. This was no small task, writing a record that would somehow have to translate the uncontainable energy that Robot Heart brings to the Playa each night and into the following afternoon at Burning Man.

Musically “Robot Heart” is an instant underground anthem, possessing deep, pulsing electronic music that defies tags such as “house” or “techno.” Lazarus’ intense and poignant vocals cut a channel through the rich and haunting production and the sound transports the listener straight to the heart of the flame lit desert floor. The original version is accompanied by an outstanding remix from BLUD who delivers a stripped back, dub mix that is perfectly balanced and deeply hypnotic.

Robot Heart fathers George G Mueller (Gio) & Jason Swamy had this to say about the “Robot Heart” single: “Going into our fifth year at Burning man focused on the goal of bringing the best mobile sound system and electronic house music to the playa, Robot Heart has now become known to throw some legendary parties…Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow are two of our favorite artists who are widely recognized for being pioneers and pushing boundaries with electronic music. They´re extremely talented DJs and music producers whose musical style and personality personifies that of the Robot Heart Bot (bus), so when the idea of having one of the many talented artists who have graced the decks of the Bot to write the Robot Heart anthem, asking Art Department to bring the spirit of Robot Heart to life was the obviously choice.”

The single is available now on vinyl at