NEW MUSIC: Ke$ha — “Crazy Kids”


Ke$ha’s new track “Crazy Kids” has a little bit of everything: The “Die Young” singer starts things off by singing along to an acoustic guitar before rapping along to some dubby beats. “Crazy Kids” leaked earlier this weekend, almost two weeks ahead of the VIBE cover gal’s Dec. 4 release date for Warrior, her sophomore LP. The track, produced by her longtime collaborator/producer Dr. Luke as well as Cirkut & Benny Blanco, was quickly pulled off YouTube, but not before resurfacing and multiplying tenfold. “I’ve really just been doing a lot of thinking about life,” Ke$ha told VIBE this past fall. “The first record, people tore me a new asshole, and were fucking steady on my balls, and tried to make me feel like I was such a piece of shit. I did some soul-searching, and realized nothing I’m doing is negative, it’s actually super positive. You can change peoples’ mood in a three-and-a-half minute song. So why not spread positive energy and be funny? Let [the haters] be miserable. Anyone who wants to have a good time, let’s fucking do this.” Indeed, let’s do this! Spin “Crazy Kids” below.