New Video: Junkie XL “Gloria”

Two great forces from the North Sea collide to makes waves across the EDM industry. Nettwerk Record label recruits Junkie XL (a Dutch electronica artist) and Fredrik (one half of Norwegian electro-rock band Datarock) have collaborated to create two takes on the standout track “Gloria” from Junkie’s upcoming album Synthesized.

Since the song opens itself up to various interpretations, both artists playfully create two styles – each packing some red hot passion and action.

The first version (seen above) is directed by John Christopher Pina (Kanye West, John Legend, Seal, Common) and produced by Clean Sweep. The video is a flashback to a 1990’s sitcom, complete with authentic down to the low-grade video, Guess cut off jean shorts and a Chevy convertible. Plus, the oh-so predictable story line where a young student fantasizes about a far more “smooth and refined” version of himself in the perfect weekend escape with the girl of his dreams. Um, deja-Bueller anyone? Fun fact: It features a cameo from Junkie XL as a high-school teacher.

The second version (seen below) is directed by Bergen/NYC-based YouTube sensation PistolShrimps (who also appears in the video). The comical video sees armed grandmothers and grandfathers dressed in Datarock jumpsuits turning biker bars, record stores and the city into their own battlefield.

Get your fix when Synthesized – Junkie XL’s first album in four years – hits markets on November 27.

Track List:
1. Take Off On Molly’s E
2. Off The Dancefloor (feat. Isis Salam)
3. Leave Behind Your Ego (feat. Timothy Leary)
4. Synthesized
5. When Enough Is Not Enough (feat. Curt Smith)
6. Twilight Trippin
7. Love Machine (featuring Tommie Sunshine)
8. Gloria (featuring Datarock)
9. Bonzai
10. Klatshing!
11. The Art of Luxurious Intergalactic Time Travel