New Videos: 50 Cent, Lana Del Rey, Riff Raff, And More


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. 50 Cent – “Money”

Will 50 ever get tired of rapping about his stacks? Then again, if you had “Bugatti boat money” like he does, wouldn’t you too?

2. Lana Del Rey – “Bel Air”

Not too much going on here, aside from Ms. Del Rey looking stunning over some colorful filters. This will definitely keep the Lana-obsessed occupied for a few hours.

3. Riff Raff – “Twisted Pistons”

Riff just needs to stick to his usual quirky, fun demeanor. “Money-counting corner boy” doesn’t fit you, homie.

4. Rashad – “For The Life Of Me”

Random video, but the nature aspect throughout was an interesting detail.

5. Plies – “Stripper Love”

Not that it’s a bad visual, but there’s got to be another venue that rap videos can be filmed at other than a strip club.