New Videos: Chrisette Michele, Freddie Gibbs, Troy Noka x Dom Kennedy, And More

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Chrisette Michele – “Charades”

We’re not sure whether it’s those seductive porcelain-doll eyes or the overall film noir-esque feel, but Chrisette has us mesmerized with this video. Very nice. 2. Freddie Gibbs – “BFK”
The video matches the mood of the song perfectly. If you don’t have the Baby Face Killa album, go get that right now. 3. Troy Noka (feat. Dom Kennedy) – “Feelin’ It”

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Keeping it cool with class, plus adding some jazz undertones at the end. We can’t be mad at that. 4. Alus – “Run”

Going crazy over the d? Slow down shorty—don’t lose your mind over ol’ boy! 5. Doley Bernays (feat. Euro League) – “Sober & Somber”
The imagery is on a thousand in this one. If you can watch this without catching a seizure, it’s a pretty dope video overall.