New Videos: Game, Tyrese, Saigon, YP, Aaron Camper


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Game – “Holy Water”

There’s a lot of “stand-out” images here. We could pick out one specifically, but it’s best to not get you guys in a NSFW situation.

2. Tyrese – “Best Of Me”

You gotta love visuals of black love at its finest.

3. Saigon – “Blown Away”

Maybe it’s the fact that Election Day is literally right around the corner, but a lot of rap videos have turned political lately. We hope you guys are paying attention to the message.

4. YP – “Winnin'”

A late night/early morning ride through your city is never a bad thing.

5. Aaron Camper – “Madness”

Rule Number 1: Never let a chick drive you into the madhouse, homie—never.