New Videos: Mel Carter x Sonyae Elise, Fred The Godson, Brooke Valentine, And More

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Mel Carter (feat. Sonyae Elise) – “Black Rose”

A rose & a verse—the key to a woman’s heart.

2. Fred The Godson – “Gordo Frederico Intro”

Thick models and NYC are great scenery, but doesn’t really help make this video any less dull.

3. Brooke Valentine – “Don’t Wanna Be In Love”

20 seconds sooner, and homeboy would’ve gotten more than arrested. A woman scorned y’all…

4. Rebecca Ferguson – “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Classic 70s R&B flow, both lyrically & visually. This one is for the old souls out there.

5. Curt Chambers – “Out Of Body”

Taking a girl out to the beach right before a thunderstorm—and playing the electric guitar—is a sure way to win her heart. That, or get yourself killed.