NFL 2012 Week 10 Picks: Chicago Bears vs. Houston Texans is the Game of the Week

It’s starting to get cold, which means we are in the thick of the football season. Week 10 of the NFL season is here. Checkout’s pick for this week.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

In baseball, when someone is in the process of no-hitter or a perfect game, you don’t talk about the no-hitter or the perfect game. Hell, you don’t even talk to the pitcher. You’re jinxing the pitcher if you do. The Atlanta Falcons are 8-0 this season. This fool Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, didn’t get the memo though. When asked by reporters earlier this week about going undefeated White said,

“I’m hoping so. I think we have the pedigree to do it…how we are on offense and defense and how we are as a team. The locker room is very united right now. Every week, we expect to win. There is not a team I felt like when we went into a ball game this year that we didn’t feel like we were going to win. I think we can [go undefeated]. We just have to be consistent, don’t turn the ball over and get turnovers…if we continue to do that, we’ll be just fine.”

Roddy is going to get lucky this week though, because the Falcons are playing the Saints. The Falcons have one of the best offensive attacks in the NFL. The Saints have the worst defense in the NFL. It’s not rocket science, even though this game will be a fireworks show because neither defense can stop the other team’s offense. If Drew Brees had an NFL defense to help him out I’d say Saints win easy, but he doesn’t, he has a high school defense and old man Roman Harper with a walker in the secondary. Falcons stay undefeated…let’s say the score is 31 – 27.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

If Michael Vick won a Super Bowl more people would be at the Eagles Super Bowl parade than the total attendance at both of President Obama’s inaugurations. Don’t debate me bro. Sadly, Michael Vick will never win a Super Bowl. It hurts to admit this. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility to think that this maybe Michael Vick’s last season starting as a quarterback. Right now, the only teams that might be remotely interested in him as a starting quarterback are the Chiefs, Raiders, or Cardinals. It really sucks for people that were fans of Vick, because the only person to blame for Michael Vick not meeting his full potential is Michael Vick.

When things are going bad, the quarterback and coach get too much blame and when things are going well, they get too much credit. Right now, more of the blame needs to be placed on Eagles head coach, Andy Reid. Sam Gordon gets more carries than Eagles All-Pro running back, LeSean McCoy. But Andy Reid will have Michael Vick sling it 56 times a game though behind a terrible offensive line. Papoose is a better at what he does for a living than the Eagles offensive line is. Michael Vick has been knocked to the ground 134 times this season, that’s 16.75 times a game, and the Cowboys are #1 in the league in sacks.

The Eagles are four points from being 0-8. The Cowboys are a Dez Bryant finger and better Jason Garrett time management from being 5-3. The Cowboys secondary is dope! Michael Vick is playing scared to get hit and even more scared to make a mistake and neither of those things is very good. The only thing poppin’ in Philly is that new Meek Mill album, because the Eagles ain’t it. Cowboys win easy, 28 – 17.

Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears

Game. Of. The. Week. Grab a cigar and some cognac for this one, because this is a possible Super Bowl matchup. These two teams are virtually identical twins, you know kind of like Rihanna and Rita Ora — you can’t fool me Shawn Carter! Both teams are 7-1 with their lone losses coming from the Green Bay Packers. Both teams are run first, pass second offenses with defenses scarier than a baby by Jerome and Shanana. The line for the game is the Bears – 1.5, so that should tell you how close these two teams are.

The fact that the Texans play in a dome and the Bears play in unbearable ass Chicago could prove to be a factor. The Texans will be playing out of their element, but they’ll overcome it because they won’t turn the ball over. The Bears have been creating turnovers all season long. The Texans are a great team because they haven’t turned the ball over much. Their quarterback, Matt Schaub, has only thrown four picks all year.

The Bears defense is fools gold. They look good because they’ve been bullying weaker teams. Ain’t nothing weak about the Texans. They’ll play smart and tough football and beat the Bears on their home field, 14 – 13.

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