NFL 2012 Week 11 Picks: Backup Quarterback Week Promises a Few Surprises

This is backup quarterback week in the NFL. Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler are all out this week. Although the quarterback pool this week is tainted with bummy backup QBs, it’s the NFL and the action will be as good as that sweet potato pie you’ll be eating in a couple of days. Here are’s NFL picks for Week 11.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

The Battle of two 12’s, Andrew Luck and Tom Brady. One is a three-time Super Bowl champion, husband of one of the baddest females on the planet, Giselle Bundchen. The other is just a rookie replacing one of the greatest QB’s in NFL history, and doing a damn good job at it might we say.

In a quarterback driven league, this seems like it will be a good game, but it won’t. The Colts’ defense is vomit juice in a Styrofoam cup and Andrew Luck has been helping them by keeping them off the field. The Colts rank sixth in time of possession, holding the ball for 31:28 minutes a game. They also rank third in the NFL in third down conversions, converting 6.4 per game. For a rookie quarterback, these stats are dope. The Colts are 6-3, but let’s be honest — they’ve beat the Jaguars twice, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans and the Green Bay Packers. The only team worth a damn that they’ve beaten was the Packers at home.

The Colts defense sucks. The Patriots offense is awesome. The Colts starting cornerbacks are out of the game, which means Tom Brady is going to have a field day. Patriots win easy, 28 – 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Steelers and Ravens meet in Baltimore this weekend. This game is always one of the NFL’s best, but this Sunday night will be a discounted version. Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Ray Lewis and Ladarius Webb will not be playing — advantage Ravens.

The Ravens just hung 55 points on a terrible Oakland Raiders team that I proudly admit I’m a fan of. With both teams depleted on defense, the game will focus on the offenses. The Steelers will start Byron Leftwich, who is a backup for a reason. The Steelers will rely heavily on their running game since Big Ben is out and the Ravens know this.

The game will be close, because they always are between these two, but one team has their starting quarterback and the other team doesn’t. Rocket science, this is not people. Ravens win 24 – 20.

Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers

This game could potentially be the NFC Championship game in a few months. Both quarterbacks were knocked out of their games last week with concussions, so this might be the Backup Bowl. The Bears have just confirmed that Jay Cutler will not be playing, and that Jason Campbell will be starting for the Bears.

If you watched last Sunday night’s game between the Texans and Bears, this game is that game’s fraternal twin. Expect a lot of running, very hard-hitting and very little passing.

The game really depends on which team is going to make the most mistakes. Both defenses are beyond awesome, but Bears are better at creating turnovers than the 49ers are and that will be the difference in this game. Bears win 14 – 10.

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