NFL Star Pledges $1 Million To Hurricane Relief

Saints QB Drew Brees is known as much for his success on the field as his charity work off the field. He has again gone out of his way provide help, pledging $1 million to Hurricane Sandy relief through his foundation, the Dream Foundation.

In an interview with CBS’ “Person to Person,” Brees and his wife made the pledge, saying: “We want to be able to give back what’s been given do us.”

Brees saw the aftermath of a hurricane first-hand, after Hurricane Katrina ravaged his adopted hometown of New Orleans in 2005. Brees became a member of the Saints just months after the city was hit, and he provided an enormous emotional lift for New Orleans after taking the Saints to a Super Bowl victory a year later. He has provided financial lifts as well, donating millions to the recovery effort and pledging $2 million to New Orleans causes in addition to the Hurricane Sandy relief money.

Brees has turned things around on the field as well. After an awful summer for the Saints, which included sanctions handed down by the NFL for a bounty scandal, player and coach suspensions and a winless start to the season, the Saints are at .500 and back in playoff contention. Another run at the Super Bowl is certainly not out of the question for one of the best players in the NFL.