Nicki Minaj Says She’s ‘Not Worried’ About Lil Wayne’s Recovery

Rappers are getting rich but nearly dieing in the process. Lil Wayne recently followed in Rick Ross’ footsteps after suffering from seizure-like symptoms that halted his flight.

While his management said that the medical scare was caused by “a severe migraine and dehydration,” Weezy assured his fans that he was ok on Twitter, writing “Thanx for all prayers! I am good” a few days after the incident. His protegee Nicki Minaj recently spoke to MTV News, telling fans he was indeed good and that her boss had a strong support system behind him.

“I know they didn’t want him to fly. Everybody that’s around him is taking care of him,” she said. “Wayne has so many people around him that truly, genuinely love him. I’m not worried at all. Even him being on the plane, thank God that there was somebody there right away that was able to help him. I’m just thankful that he was OK.”

When asked if the entire Young Money family would consider going on a tour together, the Pink Friday rapper is open to the possibility. “I have no idea,” she said. “That would be a great thing, but I don’t know.”