Nina Simone Wanted Whoopi Goldberg to Star in Her Biopic

If Nina Simone had any say in casting for her biopic, Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg would have been first choice, The View host says.

On the Joy Behar: Say Anything! talk show, Whoopi hinted that the film, which has leading lady Zoe Saldana starring as the legendary singer, doesn’t have a chance with audiences. “Well, you know, they got somebody younger, prettier and don’t look nothing like Nina to do it,” The Color Purple star said. “That will make it really work.”

The Simone-Saldana debacle is getting uglier by the day, with fans and Simone’s own daughter criticizing the choice of Zoe playing the legendary singer and civil rights activist.

VIxens, would Whoopi play a better Nina?–Desire Thompson