Small Earthquake Hits Northern New Jersey

The East Coast remains on edge after Hurricane Sandy. With another storm on the way, everybody is on high alert.

The rebuilding process is underway but it will be some time before the area is fully repaired. However, residents in northern New Jersey were hit with another shocking natural occurrence. Though it was small compared to the devastating hurricane, folks were alarmed by a small earthquake earlier this morning.

Labeled a temblor, with a magnitude of 2.0, struck at 1:19 a.m., the small shaker impacted the Ringwood community. The area which is still in turmoil from down power and fallen trees.

The AP Reports:

Geophysicist Jessica Turner at the National Earthquake Information Center says some people reported hearing a loud boom. Turner says those on upper floors of a home might have felt shaking or saw objects on walls vibrate.The quake was 3 miles below ground and could also be felt in Mahwah, Wanaque, Oakland, Franklin Lakes, West Milford and Paterson.

Ringwood police say there are no reports of damage. Turner says the last earthquake in New Jersey had a 2.2 magnitude and was recorded in February 2010.