North Korea Leader Faces Pregnancy Rumors

Pregnancy rumors have been circulating around young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to reports, because his wife Ri Sol Ju has been M.I.A. from the public eye for the past two months.

Further fueling the pregnancy rumors, Ri Sol Ju is seen covered up in a long coat in recent photos. “Rumors first came out from officials who attended the same event,” said Kim Yong-hoon, head of the North Korean desk at the online Seoul-based newspaper Daily NK. “They started questioning and speculating if she was pregnant and it has spread throughout the country and that’s how we heard about the rumors.”

If pregnancy isn’t the reason for Ri Sol Ju’s temporary seclusion, media outlets in South Korean also speculate that it could also be a disciplinary action as a result of Ri Sol Ju not sporting a mandatory lapel pin of the former leaders.

Clearly, baby bump watch isn’t just reserved for Hollywood starlets.

Check out the video below:

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