NYC Drug Bust Uncovers 105 Pounds Of Cocaine In Times Square

We’ve heard of drug busts in the past, but this one takes the cake—at least for New York City.

According to PIX11, authorities indicted six alleged drug traffickers who attempted to move more than 100 pounds of cocaine at a Times Square hotel.

NYC’s Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor states the suspects were under surveillance on Oct. 25 while staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Broadway, where the first two suspects were observed exiting the hotel with a suitcase and leaving in two separate cars.

After investigators followed both cars, and eventually stopping one on the intersection of 57th Street and 8th Avenue, they recovered a suitcase containing approximately 4 kilos (more than 8 lbs.) of cocaine. The driver, identified as Roberto Alvarez, was taken into custody by NYSP SIU investigators.

Investigators eventually caught up with the other vehicle near 50th Street and 6th Avenue and recovered a suitcase containing approximately 14 kilos (over 30 lbs.) of cocaine. Suspect Fernando Alvarado and the driver, Gerinerdo Hernandez, were arrested.

Police later arrested another man, Cuevas-Muniz at the hotel where he had a suitcase in his possession containing approximately 30 kilos (66 lbs.) of cocaine.

Two additional defendants identified as Kaleb Alteiry-Vazquez and Juan Alverio-Ruiz were apprehended inside the hotel room.

In the words of Rick James, “cocaine is one helluva drug.”

More info in the video below: