Where Is NYC’s New Hot Spot?

The only way to open up any New York City hot spot is by going in with a bang…on the low.

Bow is the newest semi-secret club set to have a grand opening courtesy of tastemaker Travis Bass. With A-list entertainers and athletes including Rihanna, Bradley Cooper and New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez flocking to Finale’s upper level, tastemaker Travis Bass uses the big-name exclusivity to keep his downlow venue–set to open in the club’s basement–buzzing, the NY Daily News reports.

“They don’t even know what I’m doing downstairs,” Bass tells [email protected] of his relationship with Finale owners EMM Group, who will soon open the club and a restaurant called The General in 199 Bowery’s upstairs space as Bass occupies the lower. “They’ve basically given me the keys to the car and said ‘do what you do.’ They don’t want me to say ‘you wouldn’t let me succeed.’”

While the top-tier celebs party the night away on the upper level, Bow will draw in guests such as designer Alexander Wang, artist/filmmaker Julian Schnabel and artist Terence Koh, who have attended the nightlife impresario’s swaggy shindigs throughout Manhattan. With Bow, Bass says he’ll keep the element of surprise by shifting walls and bars as he pleases. “Sometimes it holds 80 people, sometimes it holds 250,” he says.

He also brags about the teeny space that is a staple of any downtown locale. “If you stand on your tiptoes on the dance floor, you can touch the ceiling.”