Obama Wins Florida After Four-Day Count

People waited up to six hours at polling stations in Florida to cast their vote on Election Day. The Miami-Dade county ballot extended some three pages (front and back, totaling six pages). It took even longer — four days — to count all the ballots. In the end, President Barack Obama was declared the winner of the state’s 29 electoral votes, putting the final electoral vote count of the 2012 presidential election at Obama 332 and Romney 206.

Obama won Florida’s popular vote just barely, it was ruled on Saturday (Nov. 10). Some 74,000 votes put him ahead of opposing candidate Mitt Romney, a margin of .9 percent. The outcome would not have changed Tuesday’s election results, although a computer recount would have been called if the difference was less than half a percentage point, unless Romney had waived it.

While the former Massachusetts governor was popular with white and older voters, Obama fared better with the black, Hispanic and younger voters, who eventually sealed the deal for the incumbent president. With Florida going to Obama, the only states that the president did not carry over from his epic 2008 election victory were North Carolina and Indiana.