Opinion: Did President Obama and Governor Christie Do The Right Thing?

As we go through life, we often hear the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.” This is used when a dream is deferred, a challenge is presented, or a victory is won. It’s the type of phrase that explains the unexplainable, gives comfort to the unimaginable and rationalization to the unthinkable. Often the reason isn’t presented until much later, which makes the moment difficult to bear. But nonetheless, it leaves you thinking all shall be well.

This is the sentiment I felt on Wednesday when Democratic President, Barack Obama, toured disaster stricken New Jersey with Republican Governor, Chris Christie; all shall be well. Up until that moment, just like Hurricane Sandy, I was bearing witness to a political disaster that was on a trajectory to make landfall on November 6th. Clearly the political damage could not compare to the devastation of life and property lost due to Sandy, but the cultural party allegiance was becoming disastrous to the American Psyche. The strong party lines on cultural and social issues such as: abortion- a woman’s choice, gay rights, immigration and voter suppression has made Americans more divisive than ever before. Creating a category of destruction that has no number to assign.

This all changed, when just for a moment, President Obama and Governor Christie toured New Jersey. They gave each other praise for their leadership on Hurricane Sandy. They worked together to identify solutions on how to best allocate resources to those in need. They embraced as brothers in a fight to save their fellow brethren. Maybe this was Mother Nature’s way of not wanting to bear another birth of disaster; an expression of choice. I guess everything really does happen for a reason

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