The Path To Victory: A Message To America

As I look out my hotel window, facing Lake Michigan in Chicago, I reflect on more than last night’s poll results then what has taken place over the past six years since I began my efforts with President Obama.

I started this journey not knowing anything about political fundraising. All I knew was that I wanted to help this unlikely candidate “try” to get elected in a democratic primary that was reminiscent of David versus Goliath. Now, seeing the President walk out from behind the curtain with the country’s beautiful First Family, was symbolic of the new era of politics. It’s a new era of first time political enthusiasts, donors, raisers, and door-knockers that are reading these words coming from behind the curtain to let the world know we are here.

The moment President Obama surpassed the 270 Electoral College votes needed to be re-elected will forever be etched in American history. It was in this instant the old guard of American democracy saw the movement of a new generation swarm its highly protected gates of self-realized democracy. The notification alerts of texts, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, Four Square check-ins, and Google Hang-outs were deafening. The Instagrams, twitpics, Tumblr flicks, and Flickr shots were blinding. It is within this social construct a war was waged to penetrate these protected gates; together, linked in.

America, we are in our moment, our Arab Spring, our Berlin Wall. This is the time to rewrite the rules just as they did on Colorado and Washington to legalize the selling of marijuana through their vote. It is time, America, to rewrite the rules just as they did in Maine and Maryland to legalize same sex marriage through their vote. These examples, and this election especially, have shown you that your vote does matter. Democracy matters. Your vote is your voice. Even if you disagree, someone will speak for you. Keep posting and participating. Look forward to seeing you on my timeline, America.

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