Photo Gallery: Deadmau5 Lights Up London With Nokia

deadmau5 has a habit of making a big impression when he visits the UK capital, responsible last November for one of the biggest light shows ever seen in London when he lit up the Millbank Tower, and last night Joel Zimmerman returned for something equally as impressive. Partnering again with Nokia to promote the launch of their new Lumia handset, the ‘Mau5 played a street party that saw every inch of the Flat Iron Square lit up in colorful brightness.

This wasn’t the dope part, though – the display was hooked up to deadmau5’s live setup, so he was able to actually play the projection like an instrument. Upon arrival, the audience saw an empty square, as per every other night; the EDM star was eventually identified though, spotlighted on top of a nearby building. As the first melodies rang out, it drove the animations projected on the building below him – which lit up like a massive radial EQ meter.

“As the music started the technology allowed it to be ‘played’ like a musical instrument,” Nokia boasted in a statement. The entire square was rigged up with lights and speakers, with a visual show that included massive disco balls, flashing windowpanes and illuminated graffiti, with every visual element responding to Deadmau’s flourishes on his keyboard and interfaces.

Check out the gallery for a full spectacular view of the London street party last night!