Pink+Dolphin Celebrates Black Pyramid Collaboration with Chris Brown


Chris Brown has been known for having a passion for fashion.

Pink+Dolphin clothing line announced their Black Pyramid collaboration with the “Turn Up The Music” singer, celebrating at L.A.’s Fairfax Blvd Wednesday night (Nov. 8). P+D founders Neima Khalifa and Cena Barhagi (photographed above) interviewed Brown, who met with fans, signed autographs and showed off the limited edition shirts.

The platinum-blonde artist explained that it felt right to work with Pink+Dolphin because he respected what they were doing, loved the design aesthetic and liked the fact that they are all young, fashionable guys making things happen. He noted that his designs were inspired by his art and that no one of this generation had mastered the art of making a perfect pyramid, hence the name, Black Pyramid.

You can peep and cop the Black Pyramid merchandise at Check photos of the event by hitting the arrow above!

Photo credit: Pink+Dolphin