Plaxico Burress Shoots Down Speeding Ticket

Former NFL star Plaxico Burress, who is better known for shooting himself in the leg than catching the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII, got a bit of good news this week. After being ticketed for driving 125 MPH in a 70 MPH zone Florida earlier this year, the WR/walking advertisement for gun control beat the charge on a technicality. Apparently, the officer who wrote the ticket cited the wrong law, and Burress’ lawyer was able to parlay that into getting away scot-free.

The most unbelievable thing in this mess? Burress was driving a 2012 Ferrari at the time he was pulled over. For a guy who went to prison and is currently cooling his heels as a civilian, it’s pretty impressive that he’s still financially solvent enough to afford a brand-new luxury car. Maybe he could have claimed he had a lead foot, given the lead that is probably still embedded in his leg?