Presidential Swag: President Obama’s 10 Most Swagged-Out Moments


Thanks to your freedom of speech, you can hate on President Barack Obama all you want. You can hate on his policies. You can hate on his ideas. You can even hate on the “Dad” jeans that he insists on wearing every time he dresses down (c’mon, man!). But, regardless of how you really feel about the President, you simply can not hate on the man’s swag.

Hands down, President Obama is the coolest Commander-in-Chief in the history of the United States of America. Whether he’s giving a speech to a large crowd or giving a fist bump to his wife Michelle, President Obama is one cool dude. So, to celebrate our President’s swag—and to celebrate his recent re-election to the Oval Office—we decided to put together a list of President Obama’s 10 Most Swagged-Out Moments. After looking at them, it’s clear that no President in U.S. history has swagger like him.