Rep. Allen West Concedes Election

Republican Congressman Allen West, one of the most prominent African-American Republican leaders and a Tea Party favorite, conceded his bid for re-election in Florida Tuesday, two weeks after Election Day.

West, the former Army officer, became a Congressman in 2010 thanks to a wave of Tea Party activism and anti-government sentiment. He became known for his fiery, and often outlandish, persona in congress. He once conflated dependence on Social Security to “slavery,” and was the target of women’s groups after an incident with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Now, he has admitted defeat in his race against Democrat Patrick Murphy. The recount has been going on since Nov. 6th – at last count, Murphy was ahead by nearly 2,000 votes.

West’s defeat means there is only one other black Republican in congress: South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott.