REVIEW: “Halo 4″ Bridges The Gap Between Old And New; Delivers A Classic

Ask anyone who considers themselves a “gamer,” and they’ll tell you the moment they unboxed Bungie Games’ “Halo.” The most-played first-person shooter in the known galaxy has caused many players to fake a mortal illness just so they could immerse themselves into the sci-fi shooting world of Master Chief and his intergalactic battles. Now, after developer Bungie Games moved on to create a new IP, 343 Industries attempts to maintain the allure of the iconic franchise with “Halo 4″ for the Xbox 360.

A more polished presentation than we’ve ever seen, the continuing space saga increases the action and tugs at the heartstrings in a totally unique way that most gamers are enjoying (to the tune of $220 million on launch day). The story finds Master Chief released from cryosleep, as he attempts to save his longtime AI named Cortana while fighting off those pesky “Covenant” forces and a new enemy in both the “Prometheans” and “Forerunners.”

Is “Halo 4″ everything it’s cracked up to be and more? Scroll through our review, above, and leave your comments in the section below!