Review: ‘Hitman: Absolution’ Is Precision Gaming Personified

Hardcore gamers around the world have a particular affinity for the “Hitman” franchise. In gamer circles, the series is particularly revered because of the freedom it gives the player in choosing methods to inflict mayhem and the unrelenting difficulty which spawns plenty of challenging gameplay moments. As Agent 47, you play as a genetically engineered clone extremely adept in the art of assassination, and are tasked throughout the series with the silent elimination of a number of targets.

Leaving any bodies out in the open, or killing anyone unnecessarily causes your grade to be lowered and your rank as a quiet killer in question.

But in Square Enix’s “Hitman: Absolution” (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC), 47 is given a much needed makeover. Developer IO Interactive managed to make the suit-and-tie killer a tour de force of awesome, all the while improving the gameplay and level design of the “Hitman” franchise. In “Absolution,” you are entrusted with the safety of a young girl named Victoria, and the cloned assassin’s cold as ice demeanor melts a bit when he realizes that their lives parallel.

With Agent 47 on the hunt, doing what he does best, this marks a shift in storyline for the charismatic-less character. But does that upgrade mean a must-play for gamers like yourself? Navigate our review to find out the answer, which you can see for yourself, above.

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