Review: ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ Is No ‘Super Smash Bros.’


Superbot Entertainment held lofty expectations for their game in hopes that they would be able to mirror the mega-blockbuster success of Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros.” The four-way scrapper took the blueprint established by Nintendo and added PlayStation’s most recognizable players and set pieces in an attempt to differentiate itself from the frenzied fighting game.

For better or for worse, “PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale” delivers a sincere pantomime of its predecessor. Full of charming appeal (despite some flawed execution), this latest addition to the PS3 library finds gamers stepping into the roles of Colonel Radec, Nathan Drake, Sackboy and other memorable characters. But with the game itself sticking to a very safe blueprint, is “PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale” more novelty or necessity for gamers?

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