Up in Richard Wheeler’s HOUS: Fashion Tips + VIBE & HOUS Limited Editions at #VIBEVMix!

VIBE has joined forces with NYC’s legendary LAVO NYC doorman/fashion designer, Richard Wheeler, to create a limited edition HOUS shirt that will be sold exclusively at our first-ever V-Mix concert starring A-Trak and A$AP Mob, this Thursday Nov 29. (TICKETS HERE). Wheeler sat down to give us the skinny of secrets to passing his coveted red rope, the 411 on the VIBE collabo and more…

VIBE: Why is the Vibe V-Mix concert important?
Richard Wheeler: The answer is simple: VIBE nailed it, a leader in hip-hop youth culture that has created an event that solidifies what is happening today. Electronic Dance Music, becoming the most exciting genre of music today, literally exploding on the dance floors across the globe, top ten charts, TV and advertising. The truth is, within this explosion of EDM it was greatly helped by hip-hop and it’s collaboration with EDM. Today they dominate together. This event is a reflection of this. Let’s celebrate!

Name some of the most stylish celebs that have passed the red rope at LAVO:
Mariah Carey, Michael Jordan, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Leo DiCaprio, Steve Aoki, Ciara, Jay Sean, Lennox Lewis, to name a few. We have seen nearly Every Victoria’s Secret Model on many occasions – a preference, naturally. Justin Beiber has some style (surprisingly!). My Zenith was reached when I lifted the rope for Stevie Wonder.

What stylin’ fashion trends are digging right now in at the club?
At the helm of a rope where the fashion intelligentsias often attend, I do always get a firsthand look at what’s happening on the streets, which is great inspiration for my designs– sometimes. Recently, I’ve enjoyed watching a return to basics. It’s sophisticated-chic for the women (crotch shots and sequin dresses need not apply), and more classic for the men; like a slick three piece with a modern twist such as rare, but cool-looking shoes and t-shirts boasting abstract shapes, if done well, aka, non-Ed Hardy.

What fashion misses are you seeing right now that make you say “ACCESS DENIED”?
Having a bad attitude is my #1 pet peeve. As for dress, it begins with the basics. Females with unkempt hair and oversized cheap hoop earrings won’t be getting in. “Access denied” certainties are overstuffing! No one wants a midriff-baring top when the midriff looks like…I’m stopping myself there!

For the guys: Jeans that sag too low, jeans that have too much going on, such as extra stitching and pockets; poorly fitting khaki pants; run of the mill sneakers; t-shirts too tight. I guarantee a denial to anyone sporting an emblazoned brand name. I assume matching button down shirts with all your accompanying friends needs not to be mentioned?

Which DJs inspired HOUS?
The “penny dropped” moment was when Calvin Harris was spinning one particularly packed evening. As l was looking at the hoards of folks waiting to gain entrance into the venue, I realized nobody was wearing clothing that reflected their love of house music. It was in this moment the concept of the HOUS brand was born. But it was the music itself that inspired my designs the most. My roots are in house music with DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Carl Cox.

Check out the HOUS line here: http://www.hous247.com/