Rihanna Tweets Picture of Chris Brown in Bed, Karrueche Likes It

Rihanna has the innanets goin’ nuts once again.

After spending Thanksgiving together, RiRi and her ex-flame Chris Brown have been enjoying some fun times while he runs through his Carpe Diem tour. That also includes taking half-naked photos.

Last night, the unapologetic singer tweeted a photo of her Bart-obsessed boy toy. A facedown Breezy wearing only his pants and surrounded by Bart Simplson-inspired merch, she simply captioned it “Dis Nigga…….” and left it for her Navy to interpret. And they weren’t the only ones who liked the suggestive pic. CB’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran appreciated the Instagram photo as well, according to Karen Civil.

Rihanna Takes Picture of Chris Brown

There’s no shock that this love thing gets messier by the day. These two (or three) actually prefer it that way. After a releasing a video explaining his love for both women, Breezy still seems to be riding the fence. Expect more unapologetic stunts from RiRi as long as she’s right new to her (ex) man.