Rihanna’s Battered Face Featured on Chris Brown Concert Posters in Sweden

Domestic abuse protesters in Stockholm, Sweden want promoters to cancel the upcoming Chris Brown concert, and they are taking to the streets to get their point across. Posters promoting Chris Brown’s Nov. 19 concert in the Swedish capital were branded around town with the leaked LAPD image of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face following the couple’s 2009 altercation. Ultimately, Brown was indicted for assault and sentenced to five-years probation, six months of community service and forced to attend a domestic violence course. Complete with the date, venue and a line directing people to “Buy Your Ticket at Ticnet.se (Sweden’s Ticketmaster site),” the concert posters confused passersby due to their legit design. They were posted across benches, bus stops and other public areas. No one has taken the credit for the scheme, or been arrested for the vandelism. The promotors behind the show, Spg Live/Stureplansgruppen, have not taken any legal action, yet. While they do not tolerate domestic violence, they ask that people “distinguish between the artist and the private person that is Chris Brown,” and allege he was booked based on his popularity on Swedish radio. Brown is no stranger to bad publicity. In the U.K. this past September, someone went into various music stores and pasted warning labels on Brown’s new Fortune LP that read: “WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women!” Irish hip-hop group The Original Rudeboys declined the opportunity to open for Brown in Ireland on his upcoming European tour because they did not approve of his domestic violence resume. The guerilla-style promo bombing comes in wake of rumors that Brown and Rihanna have rekindled their romance. However, in a recent interview with Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood the “Turn Up the Music” singer, there to promote his new track “Nobody’s Perfect,” denied that the two were an item again. “As far as like our personal lives, I think people just have to like give it a chance, not even give it a chance -– shut the hell up!” said Brown on the topic of their friendship. “That’s basically what it is! Because at the end of the day, whatever opinion they have is not going to change what I’m doing and it hasn’t and it’s not going to change what they are doing.”