Romney Staffers Lost Their Credit Cards

The leaks out of the failed Romney campaign are just getting started. It seems that just hours after conceding the election to Barack Obama, Romney campaign staffers were shocked to find that the credit cards they tried to use to pay for taxis home from campaign headquarters had been frozen.

“Fiscally conservative,” an aide told NBC News the next day.

The former governor didn’t seem to be hurting for cash, having raised north of $800 million during the most expensive election cycle of all time. That money came from donors, who are apparently hopping mad that their investments will go for naught. They are claiming that Romney and his aides vastly overestimated his chances of winning in order to juice campaign donations.

So maybe Mitt needed to cut those credit cards in order to save some cash to pay back his debts. For his own part, Romney skipped a taxi ride home and was instead driven to his place outside Boston by his son, Tagg.