Russell Simmons Encourages Government To Move ‘Forward’ After Obama Victory

Though Obama’s electoral victory for the second term of his presidency has sparked a country-wide celebration for most, media mogul Russell Simmons reminds us there is still work to be done.

In his new blog, Simmons writes that a successful economy can only be achieved through direct changes made by the government, not the lobbyists and special interest groups who leach off the poor and middle class’s dough. Change for the better cannot be copped.

“This is no time for triumphalism, because we are still in an economic crisis and we still have deep social divisions that must be dealt with. But we have to absorb, as a country, as a NATION, that first and foremost, AMERICA IS CHANGING – something I have been preaching for my entire life. We cannot fight demographics by ignoring women, Latinos, blacks, young people, and gays who gave their lives for our country. Second, the Republican model for the economy doesn’t work: it is being tried at huge cost in England (two years), Italy (three years), Spain (four years) and Greece (five years) – cutting government just doesn’t work – we need to spend more now to grow the economy and our middle class. The message needs to be clear: don’t pull back the government when there is so much pain. Third, beyond the clear economics, we should make it impossible to BUY an election in America: Citizens United must be overturned. America is greater than that. You can’t buy great democracies. That message should resonate all around the world. Shame on those who try. I will make it my work for the next four years (and beyond) to encourage the President and the Congress to overturn Citizen’s United, the law that has hijacked our democracy.”

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