Say Goodbye To Twinkies? Hostess Workers Continue Strike

Employees of Hostess, the brand responsible for Wonder Bread and Twinkies, are still on strike after management imposed a 5PM Thursday deadline. The company claims that if workers continue to strike, they will be forced to go into liquidation, which would eliminate 18,000 jobs nationwide.

Employees have been on strike since last Friday, after management slashed pay by 8 percent and increased health care and pension costs by 20 percent. Hostess has faced bankruptcy twice in the last decade, but workers on strike say upper management has seen salaries rise 300 percent.

The company says that they cannot continue to function with workers at 24 factories on strike, and that they will begin to dismantle the company if the strike does not end. That would mean the end of several of your favorite snacks, including Twinkies, Drake’s Cakes, Wonder Bread, and Devil Dogs. But what will people buy at gas stations!

Workers did not budge once the deadline passed, continuing to picket with signs that read “No Dough, No Bread.” (Seriously)